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Land's End to John O'Groats raising money for HIV and Aids


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Days, hours and minutes since I set off:

What's CyclAid all about?

Daily Diary

Each day of my trip I wrote an update including important facts like how many punctures, toughest hill to date, worst map-reading blunder, best cake stop and, of course, how many miles done!


Day 14 - So far north, the only way was south again!

Day 13 - Caithness and Champagne!

Day 12 - Monsters and Windmills

Day 11 - Majestic Mountains

Day 10 - Tears before lunch time

Day 9 - Rain and route finding

Day 8 - The Settle to Carlisle line

Day 7 - Two's company, three's a happy crowd

Day 6 - The heat is on for the newest member of the chain gang...

Day 5 - Vicarious cake, vicarious p***ture

Day 4 - Level headed, I resisted oblivion

Day 3 - Devon in a day

Day 2 - Wild flowers and brooding clouds

Day 1 - The adventure begins!

Ready for the off

Packing, press, padding and polishing..,

You will find the diary on the route and journal pages - one for each day. Make sure you bookmark it and keep an eye on my progress!

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Map of UK with route - click for more details of route

Starting on 30 April 2006 I cycled from one end of Great Britain to the other to raise money for Crusaid, a UK HIV and Aids charity. I started in Land's End in Cornwall and headed north to John O'Groats in Caithness, Scotland. People often ask why I decided to do it this way around: "Surely it's downhill if you cycle from north to south?!" In fact, I was more likely to get a prevailing south westerly tail wind heading north and believe me, that would make a big difference!


Another reason for cycling in this direction is so that you can shorten it to LEJOG - Land's End-John O'Groats. This is how it is often referred to by cyclists and if you do a search in google, you'll come up with plenty of other folk's sites devoted to this silly pursuit.


This website will give you some background information about the global HIV and Aids pandemic and why it is such an important cause to support. It has a detailed section about my planned route and there is a journal as I completed each day.


I raised a total of 5,547 - can you believe it! Thank you so much to all who were so generous. You can still give a donation to Crusaid - just click on 'Charity' on the left and follow the link to their site. I will be posting some information soon about what all the money will be used for.


I thought up the name 'CyclAid' as an obvious combination between cycling and Crusaid. Also, the domain name was still available! However, since doing a few searches in google to see if my site is being picked up yet, I have found out that a Cyclaid was actually an invention of the 1930's and was a small motor to attach to a normal pedal cycle! Needless to say, I was quite keen to get hold of one for my trip, but you might have considered that as cheating so it's a good job they are no longer in production!

Picture of Andrew on his bike


Just so you know what I look like (for those unfamiliar), this is me, Andrew Auld, this February after a training ride on a beautiful frosty Saturday.

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